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Circa 23 - A Hind Family Perfume

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Story Highlight: JoAnn

JoAnn approached us with an incredible story about Circa history we just had to share with you! Read her story below."First a little background. I worked with your Grandmother, Gerry Hruby for 33 years at the Eye Medical Clinic in San Jose. I met your Mom, Dad, both sets of your Grandparents way back in [...]

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Woodside Spring Classic Photo Essay

For the second week in a row, Kelly McKnight and Zan Chin (Jane Hind, owner), sponsored by Circa, topped the $2,500 1.20M Open Speed Derby. The pair raced around the course in a leather halter, and no one could catch them. Meagan Rawlins (CAN) built a typical speed derby track that offered a variety of [...]

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Kelly McKnight and Zan Chin Winner, $2,500 1.20M Open Speed Derby

Kelly McKnight and Zan Chin (Jane Hind, owner), sponsored by Circa 23, not only blazed through the new $2,500 1.20M Open Speed Derby, they did it in unusual style: in a leather halter. “I really wanted to support the class,” Kelly recalled. “I have the perfect horse for it. She's so fast, and at 1.20M [...]

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A Circa Experience "Nothing compares..."

My bottle of circa 23 came and I love it! Really like the roll on too. To me, nothing compares. It smells that nice. Really glad Circa 23 is here and happening. Best wishes! Thank you for my all- time favorite perfume, ever!! Sincerely, Dawn Marie

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A Circa Experience "Circa's fragrance still lingered..."

Dear Ms. Hind, I tend to wear perfume only on special occasions. Recently, on my way to the office, I grabbed a scarf that I last wore on New Year's Eve. Circa's fragrance still lingered on it. I found myself toying with my scarf throughout the day because the scent was so beautiful! [...]

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